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When I was a child, there was very little I knew about the Bapty Family, apart from that there didn't seem to be many of us. As I grew older I learn't that perhaps because there wern't many of us, you had to spell your name a lot, and became aware of similar sounding names, that were spelt slightly differently.

My horizons were broadened in June 2003, by receiving an invitation from Dr Allan Bapty to a family "reunion", at which I met many people from all over the world, who were clearly related, but few of whom had met before. Enriched by this experience, I returned home and registered bapty.org to create in technical terms, a portal for "all things bapty".

An apology - Three years later (June 2006), I'm only just loading this intoduction to the site, as an invitation to any of our world wide family members to contribute, with either content, ideas, or simply their contact details, so we can see how many of us there are today.

I'd like to start with a contact list of today's Bapty Family Members, with as much information as you are comfortable to give, eg Name. email, address, phone, and a page of lnks to other sites, you would like to see included, eg your business, hobby, blogs, or family info sites. Where it goes from there is up to you, but please don't ask me to add folk who you haven't asked if it's OK . The aim is to be fully inclusive, but not to invade privacy!

There is at least one family tree in existance, back to Isaac Bapty, born 1716, together you may be able to go back further, but again, I can't put that information on this site, without the worker's permission.

Don't delay, eMail me today neil@bapty.org

That will hopefully mean that I'll add more content before June 2009.

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